Open Gaming at the LVO 2019

As always, there will be tables available for open gaming at the Las Vegas Open 2019! Tables will be set aside for casual gaming between friends in the open gaming area. Just pull out your gaming goodies and have fun! All you need to use these tables is a Convention Badge


Here are some of the events you can expect and more to be added as we go!

Zone Mortalis Open Gaming

Zone Mortalis is a rules variant of the Horus Heresy. Battles are smaller and take place in cramped, hostile environments.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Demo Zone, 11am to 6pm

Player cap per session: 8

Location: Demo Zone

Event Organizer: Nick Andrews

Organizer Contact:


Konflikt '47: Something is amiss in Cairo

With Soviet troops on the move against The Allied forces, German operatives are sent to clear out the occupying Soviet forces and seize the central Mosque.

Sunday 10am to 6pm

Player Cap per session: 12

Location: Demo Zone

Event Organizer: Andy Farrell

Organizer Contact:

Reece Robbins