The Las Vegas Open 2018 Registration is now open!

Why would you want to go to the Las Vegas Open 2018 gaming convention? I am here to answer that question for you, friends.


First off, what is the Las Vegas Open gaming convention? An excellent question! The LVO, as we call it, is quite simply three days of gaming Nirvana! Well, perhaps a touch of hyperbole there, but it does last three days and there is a lot of gaming! You many not achieve enlightenment, but you will most certainly have a dang good time.


Running from January 26th through the 28th, the LVO will scratch all of your Games Workshop hobby itches. We’ve got absolutely massive gaming tournaments, boasting the largest 40k Championships event in the world (400 players in that event alone this year!), a huge Age of Sigmar and Blood Bowl event, hobby lessons from top level painters, seminars from Games Workshop professionals, narrative events, doubles tournaments, casual gaming and more! There’s so many ways to enjoy your Games Workshop hobby at the LVO that it is honestly hard to list them all in the space I’ve got, here.


But more than a laundry list of events and accolades the LVO has earned over the years what it is at its core is FUN. The LVO is just plain, simple honest fun. You’re in a city that is a million watt playground, surrounded by people that love this crazy hobby of ours as much as you do. At the LVO we game together, go out together, sing songs and make memories as a group of like minded hobby enthusiasts. From all around the world come enthusiastic gamers to leave their mark in the history books of LVO glory or just have a rocking fun three days with new and old friends alike!


We at Frontline Gaming pour our hearts and souls into making this an event worth your hard earned money and time. We hope to see you there!

Registration opens Thursday, July 20th, 2017. Grab your tickets, here.

Reece Robbins