Final update for the 40k Events at the LVO

Prepare to have some fun!


Hey everyone, Reecius here with a quick update for those of you attending the LVO 40k events!

GW recently announced the future of FAQs and also that these Beta rules were going out to the community for feedback. And, we wanted to let everyone know again, that they will be in effect at the LVO (as it said in the Warhammer-community article). So, be aware of this prior to coming to the event.

Also, for those of you who expressed some concerns with the current version of the rule, please be aware that this is a perfect opportunity to speak with GW staff that will be there to express any concerns you may have. Just remember, that when talking to real human beings face to face, you don’t want to express yourself the way you may in a Facebook group, lol.


Also, we made one and final tweak to the ITC Champion’s Missions after quite a bit of community feedback and consideration. We altered the Gang Busters secondary mission to only kick in for units of 3 wound models and higher. After seeing that many units that don’t need anything going against them were caught in that net such as Terminators, Seekers, etc. we decided to alter it a bit to encourage the use of those type of units. It’s a minor change but we wanted everyone to be aware of it. Any alterations to the missions now will strictly be limited to correcting grammatical errors.


Lastly, GW has already announced that the Daemon Codex is inbound. We do plan on using this for the LVO assuming it is out in early January. And, as GW has already stated, you can expect an FAQ within 2 weeks of it dropping. So, if you are a Chaos player that uses Daemons be aware that we will be using the new Dex and most likely the associated FAQ unless they come out less than a week prior to the event start date.

Outside of these changes, we anticipate smooth sailing between now and the big event. See you there!

Reece Robbins