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Games Workshop Hobby Seminars

Learn how to hobby like the pros with these informative classes.

Warhammer 40k Championships

The largest 40k championships event in the world!

Warhammer 40k Narrative Event

3 days of story driven 40k fun. 

Warhammer 40k Gladiator

Gloves off 40k action! Bring your nastiest army to a no restrictions, 'Ard Boyz style 40k event!

Warhammer 40k Sunday RTT

1 day, 8 player heats, single elimination. To the victor go the spoils! 

Warhammer 40k Apocalypse

1 day, 4 on 4 themed apocalypse battles. Bring your titans! 

Warhammer 40k Doubles

1 day, 3 round, 2 player team event. 

Warhammer 40k Friendly

2 day, 4 round event emphasizing total hobby fun. 

Warhammer 40k Knight Joust

Compete for the Glory of your house! 1 Day event, single elimination, Knight sized models battling until only 1 remains. 

Age of Sigmar Championships

2 days of intensely fun Age of Sigmar competition!

Age of Sigmar Doubles

1 Day, 3 round, 2 player team event.

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire

A tactical combat game set in the mortal realms.

Horus Heresy Championships

2 days of 30k action over 5 rounds.

Horus Heresy Mega Battle

Loyalists vs. Traitors in this enormous game. Bring your Titans!

Horus Heresy Narrative Event

Relive the excitement of the Horus Heresy in this 2 day narrative event.

Blood Bowl Tournament

2 Days of crazy Blood Bowl fun!